Best wine kit is?

Hello all,
I just started my first kit and I’m hooked. Already have another kit ordered. But as I look down the road, I’m wondering which kits people have had the best results with. Can anyone talk about Wine Expert vs. RJS vs. cellars craft. And in the WineExpert: eclipse vs. original.
I’ve read that the more expensive the kit, the better. So I assume the the Eclipse are the best,but thought I’ll ask seasoned wine making vets.
Thank you in advance!

You would be correct, basically the more expensive the kit, the better the ingredients, Mainly that you use grape skins and oak in the more expensive kits. I did a couple of the Wine Expert kits and they are good but waiting 6 months to a year is not for me and I like Sweet wines. I do the Island Mist kits. They are sweet and really good, only takes a month till they are ready.


Which wine kit is the best one is pretty much subjective: all the major manufacturers do a pretty good job, and the one that appeals to your own taste is going to be the best one for you.

But you’re on to something with price vs. value: there’s an unbreakable link between cost and quality. If you need something quick to drink and are pressed for time, then a less expensive kit makes a lot of sense.

On the other hand if you’re in it to make the best wine possible, to grow a cellar and appreciate the wines as they age, spend as much as you can afford, because you’ll know where your money went from the first sip.

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