Best way to store Hops for about 2 weeks

Hi everyone,

Just placed an order with Northern Brewer for some hops for an all-grain English Barleywine I’ll be doing in 2 weeks. Being that I need to store the hops for only two weeks, what would be the best way to keep them as fresh as possible?

I figured I would keep them in the airtight package they are being shipped in and keep’em in the fridge for the next two weeks and they should be fine. Would I be better off freezing them?

Freezing them won’t hurt, and it may keep them a bit fresher. It depends on where you have room. The colder the better.

Freezer is great, especially if you buy in bulk.

For just two weeks, anyplace except on the dash of a car in the hot sun would be fine. If hops are packed in inert gas, they can be stored at room temperature for a year before they degrade significantly. I know this because that’s how they are kept at my LHBS. If kept in a sealed container in a freezer, they can last several years without problems.