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Best way to control fermentation?

Hey guys,

Here is my situation. I live in a 100+ year old farm house with wood heat. The ambient temp can swing pretty drastically throughout the year. I am taking my brewing to the next level and want to really start controlling my ferm temps. I know a lot of guys (and gals) use a chest freezer with a temp controller. My concern is that if my house’s ambient temp drops, say we have a real cold snap, or I leave for a couple days, that the temp in the freezer will drop below where I have it set. I am working mainly on ales right now, but do plan on getting into lagers this year, so the chest freezer seems like the best option.

Another option I have researched is the ferm-wrap. I like this idea for the space factor and the price, but am concerned that if the room gets too warm there is no way to bring down the temp.

Any other ideas? I don’t have a garage nor a shop. I do have an office but space is limited.

Thanks for your thoughts.


If you’re going to have multiple fermenters, or want to spend a little less money, put a light bulb in the chest freezer for a constant low level of heat and use a single stage controller for the freezer. Or use a two stage controller with a ferm wrap on the fermenter (this will work for one fermenter).

Shade: great idea!

how many watts would you recommend on that bulb…and I am assuming that you mean an incandescent bulb, not a cf…?

I am using a 60w incandescent…my garage has been down to the low 40s already and my beer holds nicely at 66º

you can make the “son/mother of fermenter” cabinets relatively easily and cheaply.

google one or the other…exactly what you are looking for.

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