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Best way to clean!

Hello All!

I am wondering what is the best way to clean my jug, tubing, and syphon. I have just been washing them with mild to hot water to try to clean it, yet I feel that this is probably not the best way. Any ideas/methods would be greatly appreciated.


A good wash in PBW always does the trick. Removes any gunk left from a good fermentation.

PBW or Oxiclean are good general cleaners for most brewing equipment. A lot of people will urge extreme caution about using any Oxiclean product except Oxiclean Free, but I use the giant boxes of Oxiclean from Costco with no problems. Just rinse well.

+1 to oxyclean unscented. Be warned though that you cannot soak hoses in oxyclean for an extended period of time as it will etch the tubing slightly. I usually only soak tubing for an hour or so. I absolutely love it for cleaning kegs and carboys. Fill them up, wait 24hrs and rinse.

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