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Best temperature to drink beer

What temperature do you like to drink your beer. I like to serve it around 40f. I wince if I’m at a pub and they pull out a frosted mug for a craft beer.

That’s probably about where I serve/drink mine too.

I think it varies based loosely on style. When I used to drink a lot of BMC, the colder the better and stick it in a frosty mug. I still prefer it that way if I have no other choice of beer.

That said, I’m not sure what temp my beer fridge is set at, but it’s too cold for some of the beers in it like my dark Belgians. But it’s just right for some of the other brews in there like my Ambers. My solution for the beers best consumed warmer is to pull them out a little early to give them some time to warm up.

My eventual goal is to be kegging and have two keezers. Keep one colder and one warmer to accommodate different brews and variety. Also want a nice big walk-in humidor, but that’s another story…

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40* here also for my homebrews. I agree with @lil_blue_ford regarding BMC yellow fizzy beers, the colder the better. Warm Budweiser? (shudders)

I’ll drink water before I drink that stuff. Used to drink quite a bit of that stuff but really no need to anymore plenty of good stuff on the shelves around here.


Ill drink beer no matter what the temperature is outside. As for serving temp, the Mancave fridge is 42 last I checked.

Sounds like a divorce in the making. A humidor

I would convert the keggerator to a humidor and the walk in to a keggerator. Better utilization of space


Good call!

Depends on style. A lawnmower light ale closer to freezing. A big stout closer to warm. Beers with dark grains have the taste come out better a little warm.

I agree with getting a frosted mug filled with a good craft beer. I get funny looks when I ask “please just refill that glass and skip the frosted one”.

For BMC freezing is best. It numbs your taste buds so you can’t taste the stuff.

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I’m single for now and anyone I date must meet the basic requirements of at least tolerating my brewing and enjoyment of cigars. Interestingly enough, two of my female friends smoke cigars and the girl I’m currently dating a bit has zero complaints about cigars, she doesn’t smoke, but she even sat in the cigar lounge with me for an evening.

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Problem is, refrigerators and freezers take too much moisture out of things. I’d rather separate things. Do a couple chest keezers with a tilt-up bar over top and do the walk in humidor for the wall behind the bar. Build it all in the basement.

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I like the home brew ales around 55 and the home brews
lagers 35-40.

I think a good rule-of-thumb is the more flavor a beer has, the warmer it should be served. The colder the beer is the more flavor is hidden from your taste buds. And as awesome as most craft/micro/home brews taste, that is almost a crime!

I have my Keezer set at 30 degrees and love cold beer. I use to have it set a little colder except something kind of cool happened had I did it in purpose. I could not figure out why the ABV what so high. Well here I froze the Water and got only the good stuff out of the tap. I kind of would like to do that again and bottle some of that beer. I wish I had nots to I could repeat that mistake.

Have you tried to make an eisbock?

Well all be darn I wish all my mistakes turned out to be something people do on purpose I had never heard of that before. All I knew was when I cleaned out my keg I had to pull sheets of ice out first. Thanks for your insight.

37°F for me.

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