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Best Temp to rest an Ale?

Here is a question to find out what the more experienced brewers do.

What temp do you rest your ales at?

I have a Pumpkin in primary winding down after 4 days of great action. I am using Ferments American Ale yeast and has been temp controlled at 63. Where should I bring.g the temp for clean up?

I usually go a week then move it to a warmer spot ~70°. It isn’t so much to clean it up, most ale yeast do a good job at that in the mid 60s, rather to help the yeast finish the beer and a lot of times I need to use my fermenting fridge for another batch.

+1. I do the same thing. 5 to 7days in the fridge in the mid 60’s than into a closet to sit at 70-72 for a few weeks. I’ve read that ferm temps are only important for the first 48-72hrs or so.

Most of the beer I make gets dry-hopped, so after primary I’ll bump the temp up to 68F and add the hops at the same time, then let it rest for 7-10 days.

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