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Best results for Saflager 34/70

Where I am there is not too much choice for yeast - especially Lager. S-23 / S-34/70 / Wyeast Pilsner (Budweiser) / the odd expired smack pack of Bavarian Lager.

I actually like the Budweiser strain when I have used it, but now that I can get the 34/70 this is likely going to be my go to Lager yeast - Loved White Labs German Lager strain when I had access to it.

With my first use of 34/70 on a Swartzbier, I held the temp pretty stable at 12C. Not super cold, but according to the recomended temps it was actually on the low end of the spectrum. I since raised the temp after main part of fermentation to about 15C, then up to about 16-17.

What temps have others had best results from. Would 15* be high enough for the D-rest?

I brewed a blonde lager with 34/70 last year and was very happy with it. I fermented at 50f (10c) then lagered at 36 (a skosh over 2c). I plan on another lager early next year, probably an octoberfest and plan to use 34/70 again.

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