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Best mini fridge for kegerator

I’ve looked through the archives and seen a few messages bemoaning the demise of a Sanyo… Any suggestions for a current mini fridge that I can turn into a decent kegerator.

Would love 2 taps. Option to hold 3 kegs (one with a picnic tap for seltzer) would be great.

My craigslist kegerator went south and I have a corny ready to chill.

Danby 440 if you want a refrigerator and not a freezer. 2 corny kegs and a 2 1/2 corny. Mine sits outside on a back deck at my in-laws summer place. Cools the anti-in-law medication nicely!

As Cran eludes to, 4.4cf seems to be working for people.

I prefer the Danby DAR125SLDD, pretty similar to the DAR440BL just fancier and the same price. I found it on
in the top mini fridges without freezer section on the home page.

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