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Best IPA kit

I love IPAs and I want to try one for my second batch. I was thinking about either the Cascade mountains imperial or the dead ringer. I really want to try the cascade since I think the hop flavor will be amazing but I was wondering what you guys thought


I haven’t done a kit in years, but even with it’s lower starting gravity I think the chinook IPA is damn hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a hop monster and really love cascade hops (like me) then go for the cascade mountains imperial. I haven’t brewed this kit but my go to IPA recipe is very similar to this (I use chinook vs. summit hops) but is a cascade grapefruit punch in the face monster, gotta love it.

The Dead Ringer IPA is also good one thought. Friend of mine did that one and it just a well balanced IPA, can’t go wrong with either.

I’m not sure how it stacks up to the Cascade Mountain recipe, but I just brewed the old Northern Brewer Double IPA recipe: … n-kit.html

…and am damn pleased with how it turned out. Probably my best brew to date.

NB obviously doesn’t sell the kit anymore, but you can add the ingredients to your cart individually.

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