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Best heat source? Stove top or propane unit?

Thinking of buying one of the propane fired burner units for brewing , but if my stove top is just as good I’ll save the money.

not even close. propane burner is the way to go

If you are doing full boils I would go with the propane burner.
Your stove can’t even come close to keeping up with most burners.

It’s been my experience that it depends on the stove. My last stove which was gas took an extremely long time to get 5 or 6 gallons to a boil. Plus it always turned the surface of the stove a shiny black that took a lot of scrubbing to remove. Which is why I got my propane burner. If there isn’t much of a breeze the propane burner works great, but as soon as there’s a fairly constant breeze there’s a very noticeable difference in the amount of heat that makes it from the flame to the kettle leading to increased heating times. The biggest downside of the propane to me is the soot. It gets on anything that comes close to the kettle or burner (which hopefully shouldn’t happen until after everything cools down). About a week ago I tried having a go at boiling on the new electric stove. Heats up reasonable quick and my favorite part, there wasn’t any soot to clean up.

If you have your burner adjusted to a nice blue flame you should not have the sooting issues. Does your burner have a venturi?

Possibly? Not really sure to be honest. Think I got the banjo burner. Only adjustment I’ve ever noticed was the valve to the propane tank. Although if I’ve been using it wrong, it would explain why I don’t have as great of time with it as everyone else.

The venturi is a little silver ring with 2 holes in it that can turn to adjust the amount of oxygen the burner gets. Set it so it burns as blue as it can (be careful so you don’t burn yourself as it does get very hot). This way, you should crank your regulator up until it boils then drop it down to maintain a boil. It will really save you some time.

If your burner is taking as long as a stove you aren’t using it correctly!

You might try taking it apart if adjustments don’t work. I had a chunk of the casting in a burner that wouldn’t produce a good flame. Knocked it out and it works great. You could also have a buildup of soot now.

Will have to give it a good once over the next time I drag it out. Thanks for the advice.

the biggest burner on my stove is 12k BTU’s, the Propane burner I bought puts out 45K BTU’s. easy math right there.

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