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Best everyday places to buy all grain equipment pieces?

I’m working to put together my own all grain kit from local hardware stores, etc. and I seem to be having trouble finding a few items, or at least clear descriptions of a few items.

Home Depot, Menard’s and Lowe’s etc. don’t seem to carry a 1/2" hex locknut. Where could I find one

What are the exact sizes of o rings I need?

Where is the best place to find the high temperature tubing. These places don’t really advertise temperature ranges.

I’d rather find these places locally here around the city than having to pay for shipping from an online brew supply. I have roughly 1/2 of the parts for the cooler conversion kit but just need to find these last few remaining pieces.

Sorry, not going to be able to help with local places, but you will find everything you need, likely the best prices (maybe even when you factor in shipping) and a much more convenient experience from

They’ve always shipped fast too in my experience. If you order today, you might have your stuff by the weekend depending on where you live.

Edit: By the way, for future reference it’s easier to answer questions like this if you have your location listed in your profile or if you provide that info in the post.

My Bad, didn’t realize it wasn’t there.

I’ll check the site out if I still have trouble finding things around town.

I didn’t use a hex nut. Just use pipe that is short enough to have the ball valve and inside fitting seal things up. A couple of SS washes take care of any extra space.

The .5" silicone washer will be hard to find locally. Look for an industrial supply house.


has about anything you’ll need for brewing hardware. Their prices aren’t the cheapest but their products are high quality and shipping is fast and reasonable.

This site has detailed instructions for adding valves and heating elements to kettles, including sources and part numbers. You do not require the expensive hole punch they recommend; you can use a hole saw - VERY carefully.

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