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Best Chocolate PD stout recipie

I have seen so many and would love to try one. This of course will be my second brew 1st being kegged in a few days, i did the Caribou Slobber as my first and am itching to brew my next even though i have yet to taste the first one…lol… any opinions or recipie ideas will help out alot thanks

Extract, partial mash, or all grain? I do extract and partial mash and the NB partial mash oatmeal stout is really good and is the perfect base with which to experiment. I did a chocolate vanilla oatmeal milk stout with it that turned out very good.


Probably an extract for now, just going to figure is it better to add the PD powder at the end of the boil then add some in fermentation. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that go either way

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