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Berliner Weisse Question

I did a berliner. SG was 1.029… Pitched lacto for 3 days. I pitched WLP630 Berliner blend 48 hours ago… Up to this point… No action from the airlock… I read somewhere there can be a 72 hour lag time with that yeast blend… Thoughts?

What’s the gravity?
What are you fermenting in?
What kind of airlock?
What temperature has it been?

Lacto rarely shows any signs of fermentation, IE no/very little CO2 production, and a slow drop in gravity. Even at 1.033 you’d probably get only 5-10 points off of it. Check the gravity, pitch your sacch and brett.

My biggest question is what temp is it at? It will ferment, I’ve done the slower and before ( 70 degrees for a few months) and that beer took me to the NHC finals. I brewed that beer in 2010 and opened one of my last bottles a few days ago, it’s still very good.
I know others have good luck fermenting theirs out in a week around 80-85. Lacto loves it some warm temps, when it’s happy it ferments quickly.

I do the first 3 days of sour mash and lacto at 100-120F.

I found that my issue was a poor seal on my bucket. I did the Lacto in my porch @ 80. I reset the cover and had airlock action instantly…

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