Bells #11

Has anyone tried it yet I picked up 3 bottles of it but haven’t tasted it.

I had a bottle a few weeks ago. Nice Imperial Red, really hoppy, really malty

I was lucky enough to get the last case at Bell’s General Store about a month ago. I shared three with friends and am putting the rest in the cellar for a while. Much better than batch 10,000 but not as good as 7,000 and 9,000 (favorite). Definitely a nice double red with my favorite abv.

Bought one (limit of one bottle per customer at the local store) but I haven’t tried it yet. Trying to figure when would be a good moment to enjoy an 11% beer.

Man, I wanted to like it. But I just didn’t.

I found it to be smooth, but a little too sweet for me. And the bitterness was too astringent for my tastes.

It was worth a try and I could feel the 11% for a bit, since I had it before dinner.

Just not my pint of beer.