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I’m ready to purchase my second extract recipe kit here from NB. I would like to brew a Belgian White Ale in the vein of Long Trail’s Belgian White, and the amazing Alagash White brewed in Portland, ME; those who live in the New England area are likely familiar with these two great beers. My question is which of the NB kits most closely resembles a traditional white–think Blue Moonish? Leaning toward Petite Orange, but looks a bit darker. Thank you!

If you are thinking of a Blue Moon clone the Witbier extract kit may be it. Much better flavor, body, and aroma than Blue Moon. Go for late additon of half of the extract to keep the color light.

I got inspired about Belgians a few years back after reading Randy Mosher’s"Radical Brewing". Talks a lot about history and has great ideas. I make 2-3 Wits every summer, but they disappear too quick.
Anyway, it’s a good read I think…Cheers.

Check out this thread… good starting point. Although its AG you can easily convert it to extract, or you can tweak NB’s wit kit.
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