Belgians, generally

Okay, i know this is like asking you to choose your favorite toe, but:

Dubbel or Tripel?

I know which one I like best, but have only tried a few breweries’ offerings, and none of them actual Trappist. I can thoroughly appreciate a Tripel on its own merits, but as a matter of taste, I much prefer the Dubbel.


This is totally a matter of personal preference. Both styles are top-notch. For me, I appreciate the dark fruitiness of a dubbel just a tiny bit more than the bubblegum esters of your average tripel. But it is a tough call.

Is enkel an option? I’ve been leaning toward more sessionable beers lately.

Preference = quad then wit then tripel then dubbel for me.

Are there any commercial versions on the market? Might try NB’s next year.

I prefer the tripel. Dubbels are often too sweet for me. Westmalle dubbel is about the only dubbel I like if it is in good condition.

I drink a lot more enkel. I don’t know any commercial versions available, so I brew and bottle my own.