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Belgian yeast is crazy!

So I brewed up the Northy 12 kit from our hosts over the weekend with an eye on a nice Christmas beer. I made up a 2L starter of WLP530 Friday night and went to bed. Having never worked with Belgian yeast before, I didn’t think anything of it as I’ve made lots of starters this way in the past. Woke up to foam all over the counter! :joy: I turned off the plate, cleaned up the mess and tried to put it back on the stir plate to finish. The yeast was going so bonkers that I had to keep it off the stir plate. Around 11:00 I put the flask in the fridge to cold crash for Sunday. When I finally got it out around noon on Sunday, after about an hour of sitting at room temp, it started to bubble again!!

Brewday went well (although I only got 69% efficiency so I was a bit under my target OG) and I pitched the slurry after decanting last night. There’s a lovely nice head of krausen on top this morning so I’m going to assume all is well. I will be curious to see how much foam is produced throughout fermentation. I use a blowoff tube for primary. Guess I’ll need to get some fermcap for the next time I make an attempt at anything with a Belgian yeast.


3787 produces a huge billowing krausen in the carboy…as did 3822. I usually ferment 3g in a 5g carboy and it almost always makes it to the airlock.

Yes indeed. Same thing once. So now use a stopper with airlock. Seems to work. If you want to see yeast action. Use the kveik yeast. Damm. This one is busy doing his thing

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