Belgian wit yeast

Doing some research at the research center, also known as The Public House, and had a Belgian Wit that I really enjoyed, nice and funky. A lot of wits I’ve tried are to “clean”. I’m wondering about yeast and maybe pitching a wit on top of my saison yeast when its done. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I’ve brewed a wit, then pitched 3711. It was good, but definitely not a wit.

I think of a wit as a refreshing summer beer. The saison yeast dried it out too much.

You could experiment with mash temps and ferment cooler.

Did you ask them what yeast they use?

Resident Style Nazi, reporting for duty…

wits shouldn’t be funky. Peppery, yes. Citrusy, yes. Floral, yes. Maaaybe a little bit of lactic sourness, but low. No barnyard or horse or meat or other ridiculous flavor descriptions used for sours :mrgreen:

If its funky, you are either drinking something other than a wit or someone’s infected beer.

If you liked it, brew a witbier recipe and pitch Brett Clausenni or Brett Lambicus, or as you said, use a mixed culture of your saison cake and some lactobacillus or either of the above-Bretts.

It wasn’t super funky like my fresh saison but I definatley tasted the the yeast. The barmaid said it was a white IPA . But there was a lot right about her but not her beer knowledge. She poured a beautiful pint though. Cloudy and effervescent.Its called Hydroponic by SBC. Its funny because I was never impressed with their beer so maybe the screwed a batch but I don’t think so.

Did an internet search and found a few reviews. No professional reviews just your usual suspects. It was either liked or hated. Some of the reviews said it bordered on a season. I would imagine if you weren’t a saison fan you might not like it. I’m going to try it, alagash says ferment warm. By the way they had coldsnap on tap also and it was way better than that.

A friend stopped over the other day when I was brewing and lent a hand. He enjoyed it and said he had a pot and a burner. So if was decided we would do a double batch. I asked him what he wanted to make and it was decided that the beer he described to me was a peach apricot Belgian wit. He said it was like a blue moon with peaches and apricots so I think that beer we will throw an ale yeast. I’m still not decided on what yeast I’ll use. I want to ferment warm to get the Belgian quality. I’ll do some more research.