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Belgian Wit Temperature Question

Just brewed a Witbier with WLP400. Temperaure range is 67-74, I have a room that the ambient temp stays 62-64 and one that ambient temp stays 68-70.

Which would you recommend?

The one with the lower temp for the first week, them move it to the warmer one.

Once fermentation takes of, the temp of the new beer in your fermentor will raise, so having a cooler room will help keep it in check during the most active time. Just as long as it doesn’t get well below the cold end, you won’t have any issues with stalling…but know that too cold can cause the yeast to nod-off and you don’t want that. Then after the first wee, move it to the slightly warmer room and let it finish up.

I did same with my current Wit (brewed 2 week ago) and it is my normal procedure too: keep fermentor at low end of temperature range, then allow it to ramp up.


I am not familiar with that yeast because I’ve never used WL, but I’d also start with the lower range and once fermentation is coming to an end move to the warmer one to let it finish and clean up.

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