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Belgian wit inconsistent

I brewed 2 Belgian wits using exactly the same grain bill.
Each had 3.5 lbs pale wheat
3.5 lbs belgian pilsner
1 lb flaked oats.

Both turned out very good, EXCEPT, the 1st time I made this I had the crazy thick, long lasting foam that is such a desirable trait of this beer.
The 2nd time I brewed this, I got some good foam, but nowhere near what I had the 1st time.
The mash temps where pretty close to the same, around 153*. The mash time’s where each 60 minutes.
After I brewed them I found out my thermometer was innacurate, so maybe the mash temps where different.

Any ideas as to what would cause the difference in the foam?


I would go with the mash temps. Generally if they get too low, some of the proteins my be converted that contribute to head formation. I would mash in the 153-154 range and you should be good.

Could also be fermentation temps. The first thing that goes for me when i ferment too warm is head retention.

Thanks, guys. I dont recall if the fermentation temps were the same, it’s kinda hard for me to keep track of as I spend so much time on the road for work.
But I did get my grain from two different suppliers, also.

Carbonation level, serving temperature, serving equipment, the way you pour the beer, ambient air temperature, and a couple dozen more things will also affect head retention. Your thermometer being “wrong” won’t matter as long as it gave you the same reading each time. I’d also imagine it’s probably a yeast-related issue, but paired with the other issues I mentioned as well.

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