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Belgian white ale with peaches

Looking to brew a belgian ale and would like to add peaches in the secondary what is the best way to do this and how much to use.Thanks for any input!

Minimum of 1 lb per gallon, and more is better up to about double that rate.
Slice into 1/8th peaches, remove the pit.

You probably want to use 2 lb per gallon, and add them in the secondary. In other words, make your beer like normal, let it ferment for a week, etc. You will add the peaches later.

To prepare your peaches: Take the pits out, freeze them to break up the cells, thaw, add pectic enzyme and a crushed Campden tablet to break down the pectin that causes haze and to kill some of the wild beasts in the fruit, and then wait 24 hours. Finally then you place your peach goo into the bottom of a clean sanitized fermenter, and rack your fermenting beer on top of them.

Allow several weeks to finish fermentation. Might take 3-4 weeks, something like that, to ferment completely. Fruit ferments a bit slower than beer does.

Another good tip: Fruit adds a lot of tartness and dryness to any beer. As such, if you are all-grain brewing, you will want to mash short and high, about 40 minutes at 154-155 F, to keep the beer with as much unfermentable sugars as possible. The fruit will add more sugars that will be 100% fermentable, so things will even out in the final beer.

Good luck!

Sounds good thanks for the input!

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