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Belgian Trippel

So I made my 1st Trippel, brewed in late July put it in 2nd in early August

Any Suggestionen how Long to leave it there, i know this is a BIG Beer but i am Getting antsi

How Long should is Last After bottling a Freund had One go Bad raer fast


-What was your OG/FG, fermentation temp? This sounds like a very short primary fermentation for a tripp.

  • how did your friend’s “go bad”? Done with good sanitation, homebrew is usually good for a long time. Years. One of the best beers I’ve tasted, commercial or homebrewed (if I do say so) is a Rye IIPA I made in 2009 and found a bottle of in January 2012.

short answer: sanitize up and taste it. If you like it, bottle it and drink it!

longer answer: way too early for a trippel. People age these for years before drinking them. I brewed up a 1.15 monster last January and its still maturing.

If your getting antsy, brew up something else with a quick turnaround (or a couple…hefe, ord. bitter, APA, Belgian Pale Ale). This one likely has a long way to go.

Did you take gravity readings? If not don’t worry but they are helpful to keep track of how your beer is doing. Big beers like that are better with some time but it would appear that you are over a month into it so it may well be ready for bottling. Again a hydrometer reading would be helpful. After bottling a big beer like that will condition nicely over time in the bottle. If your friends beer went bad fast something went wrong like an infection since many of us age big beers over a year or more.

It is very hard to wait for your beer to be ready but worth it. If you can stand it, bottle it if it is done and wait a couple of weeks or months. Maybe squirrel some away to try in a month or even a year. It will be fun to try some along the way to see if it improves with time.

I find that with strong belgian blonde beers, it is very easy to tell when it’s ready in a carboy. You’ll see the beer clear and there will be a layer of stratification that gets lower as the beer gets clearer. When it’s clear, it’s ready.

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