Belgian Triple Ext. kit

I ordered the Belgian Triple Extract kit last week. I’ve got a bunch of family coming in June to hit the parks around here and want it to be finished and carbonated by then. My question is reading the reviews about the kit some guys talked about putting yeast in at bottling. I’ve never tried this before, kinda sounds scary to me (bottle bombs). I’ve brewed a lot of HG IPA’s, but this will be my biggest beer to date. I also like to bottle half of my batches in growlers. Anyone got any input on this?

Yeast does not create bottle bombs, excess or unfermented sugar creates bottle bombs.

My experience with growlers is that they are not that greate for long term storage. If I fill one of my growlers from a keg, it is good for a couple days before opening, but not much longer.

Growers? I’ll take a guess that you want to take it on the road and don’t want to drag a bunch of 12oz bottles with. Fill some 1 and 2 liter soda bottles. Not as ‘pretty’. But very portable. And they will not break.

I did the extract kit a few months ago and bottled it in 22 oz bottles. I didn’t add yeast and it carbed fine.

I’ve never had problems carbonating tripels. My carb problems only seemed to happen when I exceed 1.085 and I’ll be adding yeast to those.

I prefer growlers with a flip top lid if I’m going to use them to tranport a few. Keep in mind that tripels are a little strong. I wouldn’t want to kill a growler in a night with just 2 people.

Just made the Belgian Triple, no extra yeast added.
After 2 weeks in the bottle it is nicely carbonated and tastes awesome!