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Belgian Tripel fermentation

Hello I am following this recipe from byo magazine. But I have a ? About the fermentation the article say to pitch @ 62f an letting the temp slowly rise to 72f over 3 to 4days. Now I know to pitch at 62f now do I hold it at this temp for the first 24hours an then start ramping up the temp by 2 to 3f per day. Basically what I am asking is how do I line up pitch at 62f an after the 3to 4 day period be right at 72f?

Look at the temperatures given as approximate numbers. It is difficult to precisely control the activity of the yeast during a fermentation. Pitch the yeast as close to 62°F as possible. When fermentation begins let the temperature free rise. The rise in temperature from the activity of the yeast may be slow enough that you won’t need to do anything but watch it. As the fermentation slows you may need to artificially bring the temperature of the beer up to 72°. Use the number of days as an approximation also.

The timeline is most likely for keeping the activity of the fermentation from slowing to prevent stalling or creating a warmer environment for the yeast to clean up by products of the fermentation. Only the person that wrote the recipe knows. Reaching 72° in 5 to 6 days, if the yeast doesn’t finish sooner, will still give you good results.

The beer you want to brew is a BELGIAN Tripel because it’s from BELGIUM. Just sayin…

Now that I got that off my chest…Do you have a way to control fermentation temperatures? Temp controlled fridge, cold room, swamp cooler, etc? Otherwise the rise from 62 to 72 could happen pretty quickly once fermentation begins.

That is the low side to the starting temp, once it does start, it will be really slow. You could leave it at that temp while it actively ferments for a day, then I would let it go. Belgiums seem to benefit from a higher fermenting temp to produce their wonderful world of flavors…Sneezles61

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HAHA. You beat Denny to the punch!

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