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Belgian strong golden ale questions

So i wanted to make my own strong belgian golden ale but i have a few questions. first here is the start of the recipe

4lbs dme golden light
3lbs pilsen
1lb wheat
2lbs belgian candi sugar

steeping grains
1lb carapils
1lb aromatic
1lb biscuit

60min 1oz saaz
60min 1oz perle
15min 1 oz saaz

wy1388 or wl570

i was also thinking about adding bitter orange peel, coriander or grains of paradise. so my question is which yeast is better also should i add any of the three things i mentioned or just leave it alone. any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

I would not add those. I would leave it alone. Those are not typical of a GS. I like my golden strongs nice and clean (mostly Pilsner) and let the yeast shine through.

I’ve been thinking of doing a SGA and have been looking at recipes on line and it looks like a good starting point is pils malt and sugar.

Pilsner, WLP 570 or Wye 1388, Saaz and/or Styrian Goldings. oh ya, and table sugar

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