Belgian pale malt subbed for American pale malt?

I was planning on making Ken Lenards Home Run Red in the morning and I just realized that I ordered Belgian pale malt instead of American pale malt… :shock:

Is this going to make a big difference?

More than likely. You might just love it.

Well, since I have not made it before you might be absolutly right…And I guess I would not know the difference anyway. I was just really looking forward to making this beer and now I am hesitant about it. :?

Having used both Belgian and domestic pale malts, I think the difference will be extremely minimal.

I agree with Denny. I have used Belgian and German Pale Malt in my American IPA’s and no one ever seems to notice. I just recently tried a few batches using American Pale Malt. Hard to tell the difference IMO.

Well, you’ll have a Belgian accent, and any kids you have from now on will be born wearing berets, but the beer will taste the same.