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Belgian Pale Ale with citrus peals in the scondary?

Ok… So my next batch I want to brew is a Belgian Pale Ale. Im starting on some good summer beers…
Im working on my formula as we speek… But my real question is about Citrus Peals in the secondary… What are the do’s and dont’s with this?..

I’ve “dry hopped” with citrus peel many times but its been in the keg and cold already. It takes a few days for the flavor to develop properly. I’d worry a little about infection, maybe soak the dried peels in some vodka prior to use?

We’ve dried lots of different kinds of citrus peels, they all bring something interesting to the table and they are amazingly not terribly different than the high-strength “C” hops.

Does anyone else have anything to add?

You can get a nice taste of lemon by using sorachi ace hops.
My latest batch of lemon-rosemary blonde ale using soraci ace hops (fwh & dh) and no lemon came out pretty close to the last batch which used lemon zest.

you could also try saaz hops, they have a citrusy/lemon flavor to them

In this style beer saaz is almost always present. I’m just looking to experminent with natural fruit peals for flavor additions.

I got started dry-peeling because the wife liked Shock Top of all things, so I made an American wheat beer and used peels to make it over the top. Now she likes a traditional witbier and hefeweizen so I have more flexibility.

Ok… So whats your advice for adding fresh citrus peals to my secondary for my Belgian Pale Ale?..
Plaese tell me oh wise one… ;~)

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