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Belgian IPA came out strange

I brewed Northern Brewer’s Belgian IPA, which is normally my favorite beer. It seems so simple to make, I usually don’t use a starter or worry much at all about temperature control, and it comes out good every time. I enjoy the yeast so any flavors it puts off only adds to the flavor of the beer.

Anyway I recently brewed a batch but did not order the ingredients through Northern Brewer, instead I took the recipe with me to my local homebrew store. The brew turned out an amber color (it looks like a dubble) not the light yellow color it usually turns out. It also has an odd taste to it, almost like a pumpkin ale? Along with a whole host of other hot unpleasant alcohol flavors and smells. It think maybe it is infected.

Does infection have the potential to change the appearance of a beer from light to dark? I didn’t watch the store crush and pick out the grains I asked for (the recipe calls for Belgian pale ale malt only). Maybe the store messed up somehow and I got some grains that didn’t belong in there?

The one other thing I did differently this time was use whole hops during the boil for the first time. Could that have affected it somehow?

The yeast for the recipe usually like it warm (up to 80 degrees). My basement was colder than usual, so maybe the yeast didn’t like that (although it fermented just fine).

Did your LHBS sell you grains from the same maltster?
I don’t think that using whole hops instead of pellet is an issue here.
I have no idea if an infection could effect the color, I’d bet on the grains.

•High amount of fermentables
•High fermentation temperature
•Low O2 disolved in wort
•Under pitching
these are some things that could cause what you describe as far as the color go’s water and mash P.H has a lot to do with color during the boil. high PH I believe changes the mallard reaction and gives darker beer. did you get good mash efficiency? high PH and also water hardness could of caused the yeast to give some of those off flavors. lastly 80 temp for yeast is real high. what yeast did you use?

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