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Belgian Dubbel Malt bill

Making a dubbel with what I have on hand. Let me know what you think:

2-row: 8.5lbs
Vienna: 2lb
Belgian Aromatic: 1.5lb
Special B: .75lb
South American Panela Brown Cane Sugar: 1lb

OG: 1.068

I like more dark sugars in it. I don’t know that Brown Sugar will give you that rummy fruity character. Dry dark candy syrup, or candi sugar rocks

Looks great to me. Go for it.

the Panela is what is commonly referred to as Pilconcillo. It gives a great rummy flavor.

Ah, I thought it was like regular brown.

Seems like a lot of Belgian Aromatic.

Yeah, like WAAAAYYYYY too much, especially with the Special B. I’d cut the aromatic completely if it was my beer. And it’s hard for me to conceive of a dubbel without the dark candi syrup.

Easy to cut the Aromatic. The Panela/Pilconcillo gets you good dark color and a great rummy flavor. And besides, I am out of Dark Candi Syrup.

Well, there ya go…be pragmatic, go with what ya got. I’ve never gotten that kind of character from piloncillo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.

Any other grains which could give it more depth? I usually just use Special B and sugar on top of base malt and let it rock.

How about Munich instead of Vienna?

sounds good to me.

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