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Belgian dark/bottles?

I would like to brew a Belgian dark strong in the near future. I would like to bottle condition and set it aside for at least a few months. I love the look of the Duvel and Chimay bottles. Does anyone know where I could buy new bottles with a similar design? I would most likely cap if possible. I like the big 750ml bottles but its slightly excessive as I would hold onto most of these to have one a month after work. I have checked NB and MoreBeer and a few google searches really have not helped. I also wasn’t sure if my hand capper would hold up to the high carb levels of a Belgian? Will this work at home or should I invest in a corker? either way I would like smaller bottles.

The caps ought to hold 3vol of CO2. As for where to buy bottles, I use this as an excuse to buy the beers and save the bottles. Not only the two you mention have the short bottles, there are some domestic brands that come in these. I think Summit is one.

A few years ago I did a pretty intensive Internet search for these bottles, but could not find a source.

If they are available they are not easy to find.

I hear you I can’t find anything. I checked ebay for bulk empty ones also. Maybe Ill just keg it and call it a wrap.

Some of the American breweries that brew Belgian styles use 750s that use a standard cap. I just bought a corker a few years ago and I can use any bottles. Don’t forget to put some of that strong beer in small bottles so you can enjoy it on a daily basis. You’ll be passed out and waste a lot of beer if you open a big bottle after already having a couple of pints of IPA. You’ll wake up in your favorite chair 3 hours later with half the bottle sitting on the counter going to waste. I usually only bring the big bottles to club meetings or when a friend drops by.

Northern Brewer now carry’s 375ml Belgian bottles. Cork or cap.

If you have to drink to get the bottles, Grimburgen is a decent beer at an ok price, but the bottles are really nice and the labels slide right off.

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