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Belgian Blonde Help

I have some T-58 I wanted to use for a Belgian beer. As I want to try to keep the ABV to the low end of 6% I settled on a blonde. But when I add the yeast to the Brewtoad calculator my OG and FG numbers are way off to be within spec and the ABV is only at 6%, which would only get further out of specs if I added more.

I’ve figured I’ll ferment cool (mid 60’s) for the first week to ensure I don’t get any banana or bubblegum flavors, and then allow it to ferment at room temp for the next 3 weeks w/o a secondary.

Has anyone used this yeast and liked the outcome? Care to share your recipe?

I intend on doing a mini mash (BIAB) with 4 gal boil and 5 gal yield.

What LME/DME would you use? What base malt would you use?

Has anyone tried to make a wheat beer with this yeast?

Something is wrong with the program if adding yeast is changing the OG.

To be “traditional”, I believe there is a Pils extract now. Use Pils for your base malt also.

I agree. After making many many batches of belgian blondes, tripels, and saisons over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that simplest is best. Straight pilsner, or maybe pilsner and a small amount of sugar or wheat. Save the specialty grains for when you re-use the yeast to make a dubbel, dark strong, experimental belgian.

I’ve figured I’d use Briess pilsen LME, Briess 2 row, Briess Vienna, Briess crystal 10, and table sugar. But I’m also considering changing my game plan back to a golden strong. But using the low attenuative yeast (70%) has my OG and FG a little too high for the style, and I’m at the low end of the ABV spectrum. I figure I just won’t care. But I do wonder what this yeast was designed for.

I’m also curious if anyone has used this yeast for a wheat beer.

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