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Belgian Bananas

Brewed up the Gaarden Hoe Belgian Witbier. Started popping tops this past weekend and man the banana aroma/taste is overwhelming. Was expecting something similar to Blue Moon. I’m a bit disappointed. It’s too much banana. What did I do to cause this or is it expected? I didn’t read any similar results in the reviews for the kit.

What yeast/temps?

Safbrew T-58 the default dry. Pitched at about 74. Ambient temp 66

Sounds great. I posted earlier that I’m going for max banana in my next brew. T-58 never did that for me. It has stalled on me but never that.

Im intrigued.

The Witbier is the Blue Moon clone. I bottled one a week ago. Used T-58. Ideal temperature range for T-58 is 59° to 68°F. I fermented at 66°. Taste and body is better than Blue Moon.

The one you brewed is a clone of Hoegaarden. Had some of this a few years ago. Interesting flavor but not as good for me as the Witbier.

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From my reading T-58 can throw Isoamyl Acetate at warmer temps. To reduce this ferment cooler, low to mid 60s°.

Now to get through this one, would you mix 50/50 with your blue moon? Sneezles61

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