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Belgian Ardennes Yeast

Brewing a triple and something unexpected happened. I used this yeast in a Belgian pale and pitched at 70 free Rose to low 80s then finish in the 60s. It came out nicely. This time I repitched the slurry at 70 it was 25% under pitched. Slowly fermented in the mid to high 70s for a day and half. Overnight she took off. Going crazy at 90. She cooled down into the upper 80s now. Gonna let her do her thing.

Time to harvest some yeast whilst in a strong ferment… Sneezles61

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My two ardennes ferments went to around 80* but were very steady. Under pitched the belgian strong (10%) and then reused slurry(probably a little overpitched) for a blond (ended up 7.25%). Both ended up around .005. Both had that good belgian flavor and are in the bottles carbing currently.



Yes my first pitch was a very small under pitch. That’s a Belgian pale I’m drinking now, beautiful beer. That fermented slowly. I was surprised that a steeper under pitch would turn so violent. They have calmed down now just wondering what that was about. Just looking for theories.

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