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Belgian and saison yeast

Did some spring cleaning and dumped my 3711 and 530 slurry. What is your peoples favorite ? Going to start up some different yeast.

I enjoy WLP 570, and starting an affection for 34/70… The obvious character for ale, 001. Yet, like I said in some other posts, I have to get out of my box and explore too! Sneezles61
PS, maybe put as many yeast names you can find in a can and pick 2 to experiment with?

My favorite for the saison I brew is WY 3711.

WLP565 and Yeast Bay’s saison blend II.

I think you guys are all more advanced that I am, but for what its worth, I’ve made a couple strong dark Belgians in recent past with Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II and I’ve been very happy with the results.

I’ll probably start another run of 3711 for my saisons I like it also but I think it was mutating seemed to be getting to “clean”

So far i like belle saison, wlp838, 1272, and k97…need to try 1762 this year.

I do use the belle saison lots at the brewery. Works out nice

I’ve heard Belle saison and 3711 are the same strain. I’ve used both but I liked the wy better maybe it was pitch rate only used the Belle once. Actually my slurry ended up being a blend of the two

You pitch 3711 high? Results high vs low?

The best saison Ive made was pitched high and under pitched. I believe it likes abuse. I’ve tried starting cooler and don’t get the same results. I guess it depends what you like. A couple years ago I made some saisons that came out great last year’s were to clean. Same with my Abbey ale

Not the same… belle saison is from a brewery in Belgium, and 3711 is from France (Brasserie Thiriez). They are quite similar, though. Agree on the underpitch, I like to underpitch and hit it with extra oxygen.

Edit - belle saison tends to give some peppery lemon notes when fermented warm, like above 70°F. At lower temps it’s pretty clean. 3711 gives similar pepper and citrusy flavors at lower temps (under 70°F) but can start throwing a lot of isoamyl acetate when you ramp up the temperatures. I’m personally not a fan of the banana runt flavors, but it makes a great saison at lower temperatures.

What kinda flava you get with that Porkchop?

Never mind :grinning: I thought I got less pepper and more fruity when I pitched at 72 and let rise to 79…but that could be the hops.

Banana runts are my fave :grinning:

I’m pretty darn sensitive to it… really ruins a beer for me. But I could see it blending in with some fruity hops!

Had one brew. Way to banana. Went straight into the sink. Nasty

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I just brewed with Yeast Bay’s Saison Blend II and made my favorite saison to date. Granted my recipe has improved over the years but I really feel that the Saison Blend II contributed an incredible flavor and mouthfeel I have never achieved before in my saisons.

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