Belgian ale surprise

So last September I brewed up NB’s Belgian Golden Ale. Used a balanced water profile, and fermented with WLP 550. Fermented around 68. Big, thick krausen that lasted for 2 weeks. Primaried for a month and secondaried for another month, all the while thinking, “man, that looks a little dark for a golden ale”… Kegged it in November and just tried it the other day. Well, it ain’t no Duvel clone, but it’s spot on for Chimay. Weird. I didn’t think 550 would give as much funk as it has to this beer. I’m not worrried about the color- ovbiously somebody pulled the wrong grain. No biggie. Any thoughts on a better yeast for a Belgian golden ale?

I’ve done the same kit, and it was a bit dark. Despite a healthy pitch, good oxygenation, and warm fermentation, it didn’t attenuate well. I racked it onto some roselaere, and it’s amazing now.

Extract? AG? Boil vigor? kettle dimensions? heat source? Too many unanswered questions regarding color development.

For your yeast-related issues, what were you expecting that you didn’t get? 550 is the Achouffe strain, not a Duvel-type or Trappist-type strain.

AG, 5 gallon batch in a 15 gallon kettle, propane heat, rolling boil. (wort looked dark in the kettle prior to boil)

Yeast expectations? I dunno. A little more like Duvel and less like Chimay? Maybe my ferm temp was too high for the milder flavors I expecting. No biggie. It’s good beer.