Belgian Abby Ale

I would like to do a Belgian Abby Ale. Since I’m still not very adventerous as far as deviating from recipes can I substitute clear candi sugar for the dark candi sugar to lighten the color? Does it add other flavors that will be lost if I do?

Neither light nor dark candi sugar add any flavor IME. Candi syrup is another matter. It adds a lot of flavor. Unfortunately, Abbey ale doesn’t say much so it’s hard to tell if a sub would work. Can you post the recipe?

11lbs.Belgian Pale Malt
10 oz. Caramunich
6oz. caramel 120
1 lb. Dark Candi sugar
Substitute 1lb. clear or amber candi sugar to lighten.
1 oz. Home grown Brewers Gold Leaf 60 min.
1 oz. Home grown Brewers Gold Leaf 10 min.
Wyeast 1214

PS We had a really nice Belgian Abby at Ale Asylum in Madison, a not so great one at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb, and Delafield Brew house Holiday beer is a very nice Belgian Abby Ale, but in all three cases the color was what I would call a dark blond not an amber, therefore, my attempt to lighten the color but keep the ABV and flavor.

It’s likely that the caramel and CaraMunich malts will get you the color you want. Skip the candi sugar ripoff and use table sugar, like the Belgians do.