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Being social

This week diving with vahala divers. Wounded soldiers. Gonna host a drinking party. And bbq at my house friday


Party in the new Brewhaus!

Yes. And keeping the dogs in the back garden. Otherwise they might steel the prosetic leg from one of the guys


Way to show support for the troops!!

Cool. Sounds like it will be a great day.

We do a lot with hurt soldiers.


That’s awesome man. I taught skiing for years and learned to sit-ski so I could teach adaptive skiing. So much fun to watch people who are physically impaired learn to stretch themselves again and get a thrill they might not otherwise experience. We’re all equal at neutral buoyancy!

Be careful drinking with those guys. They’ll put you under the table!

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Yes i know. Be now the 5 time they come down. Me can handle my beers good. But keeping up with the eod and delta guys. I learned the first time dont even try thats why drink at my house. I dont have to drive home. And me off saturday. I am not teaching this time just helping. With the course. Awesome to see this guys they dont want any help. Anything they want they do by them self. Walking out of the water. With special diving legs. While a healthy person ask for help

Four kegs of beer on tap. To cold ones ready. For if i do need them. Meat ready to toss on the bbq. Damn forgot everything is closed today. So no coke and barcardi. For one of them. Did ask my brew buddy. To bring coke on the way here. At 3 today. Let the mayhem begin. My cook buddy a chef at a rest he will do the bbq

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