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Beginner Question on Winexpert World Vineyard California Mos

I am looking to possibly try and make my own wine. I thought that a Moscato would be a good one to start out on thinking it would be the easiest to replicate and many seem to enjoy this wine.
A lot of what I have read says that you get what you pay for. My question is is this Winexpert World Vineyard California Moscato kit a good quality kit?
It is a $100 kit which seems to be in the middle and there are no reviews on it.
Has anyone had an experience with this kit or a similar priced kit and what were the results?
I am also open to any hints/tips on starting this process!

Thanks in advance!

I have no issues with this kit. In fact, as far as World Vineyard goes, you seem to get a little more out of this than many of the others - because it is what it is.

Not what I would considder high quality. But just fine for a first time out.

By far the sweetest white winexpert offers, but it does ballance out well against the flavor and acidity, so I did not find it cloying. Also, not nearly as sweet as some commercial moscatos I have tried.

I am not usually impressed with any kit in this quality range - but I was a little surprised by this one.

I rate this kit as a “Hey, that’s not bad!”

I say go for it.

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