Beginner Beer question

Looking for some help.

I’m relatively new to brewing and I’m trying to find out if I messed something up or how to possibly fix the problem. I am on the fermenting stage and it looks like my beer exploded out of the bubbler lock. I see that gasses are still being released but the bubbler is filled with fermenting beer instead of the water that I had put in there. I’m using a 6 gal. capacity Better bottle, my other one that is in a glass carboy is doing fine. I don’t know if there is just less space in the Better bottle (there appears to be) or if I did something wrong. Should I be worried about this? I hope I didn’t mess this one up because this would be the second time in a row I have messed up the Dead ringer IPA.

Thanks for any assistance.

Higher gravity beers sometime great pretty rambunctious in the fermentor. Nothing to worry about. Hopefully your fermentation temp is modest, like mid-60s. Just clean the airlock/bubbler so it doesn’t clog and cause the lid to blow off and foam to spray the ceiling. Yes this can happen.

No worries. Happens often. It’s the sign of good fermentation. Look up blow off tube and rig one up if you can. Otherwise, remove the airlock and put some sanitized tin foil over it to cover while you clean and re-sanitize the airlock and replace it. It will calm down at some point and the airlock will be fine.

The 6 gallon BB should be fine, but sometimes you need a blow off. You need one in a 6.5 gallon bucket sometimes.

Yep. You should be fine if you do as the above post mentions. However, I would add that, in the future(if you arent already) I would look into trying to control the fermentation temperature of all your batches. That will help reduce your chance of blow off like what you’ve just had. Search around about swamp coolers. THose work well and are simple enough. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the advice everyone, I’ll just replace the lock with a clean one.