Before Kegging First Beer

So I’ll be kegging my first beer in about a week with Co2 to carb. I made a quick SMaSH beer with my ingredients I already had. Currently when I bottle I either transfer to 2nd ferm to clear the beer up or just go straight to the bottling bucket to bottle.

I’ve heard people say that when you keg you should cold crash the beer to clean it up instead of using a second ferm. Is it OK to forget about the 2nd ferm and go straight to cold crashing or should I transfer the beer off the trub to a 2nd ferm and then cold crash? If I do cold crash how long should I wait for? My freezer chest with temp control is set to 40F.

I’ve never cold crashed a beer before because I was afraid of losing the yeast for the natural carb in the bottles.

Thanks for the help in advance!


How many kegs do you have? If it were me I would keg it with gelatin finings, cold crash it for a week, then jump it to another keg.

Thanks for the reply Loopie!

I have only 1 keg. I guess the best option I have is transfer to a second ferm and then cold crash. Chances are I’m worrying to much about it!

Bingo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way will work. Just be prepared for your first pull to be a little yeasty.