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BeerSmith2/ Plinian Legacy

Hey guys, I’m getting ready to brew NB’s Plinian Legacy extract kit. I’m getting my feet wet with BeerSmith2 (currently trial mode) and am trying to get the recipe set up in advance so I can use the software to track the brew.

I’m having trouble translating the ingredients list from NB into the software. For instance:

10oz Briess Carapils (??)
6oz Bairds Carastan (??)
4lbs Pilsen DME (no translation in BS2 that I can find)
6lbs Pilsen malt syrup (translate to “Pilsen Malt 2-row (Briess)” ?)

Granted, I haven’t received the kit yet so getting my hands on the actual ingredients may yield more detail. Cloud search in BS2 turned up several iterations of the recipe but no extract versions that I could match the ingredients with. Any pointers would be appreciated…

Quick update - found the Briess Carapils as part of an addon, still no luck with the rest.

If it’s not in the ingredients list you can always look up the characteristics of the item on the web and add it yourself.

You should find Carastan in the C’s, below the caramels in your ingredient list. Looks like “Light Dry Extract” will work for your light extract and “Pilsner Liquid Extract” should work for the remainder.

Check your kit, does it list Lovibond ratings for your extracts or extract potentials? If so, you can create custom categories for the specific extracts that shipped with your kit. Beersmith is very comprehensive, but sometimes it’s necessary to comb the internet for specialty grain or hop information to create new categories.

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