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Beersmith vs Beersmith 2

I was just wondering if it is worth paying for the new software. I have the old software and just today discovered that 2.0 is out. The old software has been working fine but just wondering if the extra features are worth the extra cost…could just use that money for another beer or 2.

When I first tried Beersmith 2 they offered a free download. Check the website and see if you can take it for a test run.

I actually like the old one better.
I’m still using 2.0 but I find it a bit buggy and overly complex.

I too like the old one better and have infact switched back to 1.4 instead of 2.0 after using it for a couple of months.

I’m questioning the hydrometer temperature adjust function. I checked the other day, did the hyro adjust, and the sample was several points above the anticipated OG into the boiler. But, the OG post boil came out a few points below. It just seems weird. I’m sure maybe it’s my fault in some way, but I’ve never found it to be accurate.
I do still like the first version, it works just fine for me mostly.

I bought version 2 just to support the creator of it but I find that I prefer the original. The thing I like about the second version is the water profile calculator. You can input your water and your desired profile and it will compute the additions for you.

They have fixed some of the bugs and errors with the new version that just came out. Check it out!

I have 2.0 and still prefer the simplicity of 1.4. However, in 2.0, when you have a recipe open and click on a tool on the left sidebar, it opens that tool in a new tab, enabling you to easily go back and forth between the recipe and the tool. This is much better than having to reopen the recipes and find the recipe you were working on only to lose the tool and vice versa every time you want to switch between the two in 1.4. I’ll get used to 2.0 eventually. Overall, it’s functionality is fine. I had just grown very accustomed to 1.4.

I like it, most people that use the first one for a long time of course are going to prefer it. I used both and am sticking with 2 as you will probably need to make the switch at some point.
Some of the things on 2 are a little extravigant, I dont need 4 different options to get to one thing.
THe tab thing is awesome and it would be a pain in the ass without it.

That’s what got me to make the switch. I like having multiple recipes open as well.

One better: you can enable the option to have the tool can open itself in a pop-up window, so you can view it while still viewing the recipe at hand.

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