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BeerSmith files for NB recipes

I’m new to BeerSmith but does NB already have BS files to import into BeerSmith instead of having to fat finger in the recipes.
Thanks for the help, Jon

They do but from my experience the NB recipies aren’t always exactly the same, especially the hops, so it is almost as easy to enter each kit as you brew it.

Really? I’ve never seen that recipe add-on? Where did you see it?

I don’t remeber where the bsm file came from, it was well over a year ago that I found it. I can email it to you if you would like but most of the recipies aren’t exact.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android phone get iBrewmaster, it’s got the NB kits in it.

I have iBrewmaster as well but Beersmith is much handier. Thanks guys. I was hoping that one of the NB guys would have led me to a secret hiding place for their files.

There are no BeerSmith files that I’m aware of. I believe it is a project that is being worked on.

NB used to have Promash .rec files posted with the recipes, but those seem to have disappeared. There’s a handy program for converting those to Beer XML. Windows only, though.

Hey everybody, NB now has an add on for BeerSmith software. They have all of their recipes to download!

So, where do you find this?

It’s within Beersmith as an add-on.

I would think you would just want to enter it yourself, as everyones system is different and other additions and such

In BeerSmith 2 click on File, click on Add-ons, click on add, you will see a list of add ons including NB recipes. Select an add-on you wish to add and click on add.

I found “Add-Ons” under the “Help” tab. Glad someone pointed out these were on here, though.

I was able to go and add the recipes. I also found a whole lot more add ons that I didn’t know about. Thanks for the heads up!


there is a ton of add ons, NB, Can you brew it, more beer, and tons more

Thanks for posting this great stuff to add on to BS2

+1 Yes, thanks a bunch!


Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

Where can i find this within the ipad or iphone app?

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