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BeerSmith 2 question on Sparge

I normally batch sparge and noticed that when setting up options for the sparge there is a box that you can check that states that you drain the mash tun before sparging (isn’t that how you batch sparge?) that when checked reduces the actual amount of sparge water by a gallon.

Of course I havent checked this box in the past and have always drained before adding sparge water and ended up with extra water in the tun after I reached my pre boil amount. I have always wondered why?

Should I check the box and go with less water? Any of you who use Brew Smith and Batch Sparge how is your potions set up?

I fly sparge and for some reason with beersmith 2 this has eluded me as well. I ALWAYS have WAY to much sparge water…

Should I check the box and go with less water? [/quote]
You could measure the volume of water left in the tun and see if it equals the volume that would be removed by checking the box, but it does sound like you should check the box.

Having water left in your tun at the end of batch sparging is needlessly throwing away efficiency. A gallon of extra sparge water is probably costing you 0.5-1 pound of grain.

I fly sparge and find that the amount of water it tells me to use is always low. Did you know that there is a beersmith forum that you could post your questions in?

Sometimes Brad Smith even answers them.

Mine is checked to drain mash tun before sparging. When I uncheck it, it now has two steps for sparging but the two water amounts added together equal the original amount.

Their are a couple of things to look at if you are having too much sparge water or too little. Under tools tab, options, advanced, you can change your grain absorption, this effects your sparge water volume. Also in your equipment profile I have my lauter tun deadspace set to zero and uncheck box for adjust mash for deadspace if you are batch sparging with a braid. This is for any wort loss in a manifold, false bottom, piping, etc.

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