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Beersmith 2 Mobile App

The full version of the Beersmith 2 mobile app is now available. Has anyone given it a go? If so, what’s your verdict?

I passed on the “lite” version that had been out previously, but I’m tempted by this one. ... mZ1bGwiXQ..

I’m an avid user of the desktop app.

I just got a smartphone, I might give this a try.

I can see buying this if I wanted to tinker with recipes on my phone, but only if there were a discount for owning the desktop software. $7.99 seems too much, IMHO

I’ve been happy with BrewAide for brew days. I can load a recipe and set timers for my hop additions. It can also sync with Dropbox, so you can have access to all your recipes, not just some. It can’t edit, but that’s fine with me.

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