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Beers that Give you Heartburn?

Am I the only person that seems to get heartburn from specific beers? Sam Adams Oktoberfest gives me crazy heartburn all the time. I love drinking it but I can no longer deal with it. Anybody know why this happens? It is this specific beer and I can’t think of any other beer that does this to me.

no, but Buttwiper gives me a screaming headache.

A lot of people say that but I haven’t experienced it ever…well maybe the next morning if I had too many of them.

I suffer from GERD. I don’t think I can recall any specific beers giving me heartburn. Some wines will, which keeps me from trying more the few I’ve established I can handle. I get headaches from sulfites.

I’m lucky in that beer is one thing that has never given me heartburn… dairy on the other hand…

I also have GERD and beer has never given me heart burn now Hiccups on the other hand! :oops:

The few times I ever tried those Mike lemonade drinks, I thought I was going to die.
That stuff is like heartburn in a bottle to me.
And though I suffer from CRS, I also don’t recall any beer ever giving me the heartburn.

a little off topic but incase anyone was wondering budweiser gives my diarrhea

that might be TMI.

Several years ago I stopped drinking because all beer caused me “heartburn”…turned out it was an ulcer…got the ulcer cured by meds and now beer don’t hurt!

For me, it isn’t the beer, but what I tend to eat with it…stay off the fried stuff!

Some beers give me HB but I cannot recall which. Some foods do it too. My GO TO fix is Papaya Pills. I take two; chew one and suck on the other. They taste good and quell the burn fast. They taste 1,000 times better than Tums or Rolaids.

“summery” Fruit beers = heartburn city
just as well i like porters and stouts better anyhow

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