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Beers in the Columbus, Ohio area

I have a cousin visiting from Columbus in a few days and she has graciously offered to bring me beer. I’ve ordered my favorites from Great Lakes, but are there any others available in this area that anyone would recommend that I can’t normally get down south? All suggestions welcomed. I’m partial to porters/stouts, but like almost any kind of beer except IPAs and Scottish ales.

Thanks all and Merry Christmas,


She flying or driving? Most beer is on tap but a few do can/bottle, but can be difficult to locate. Some breweries around here are
Columbus brewing co.
Zauber Brewing
Land grant
Elevator brewing
Seventh son
North high brewing
Four strings

Can be found in Columbus
Rockmill (Belgian beers)
Jackie o’s
Portsmouth brewing

Oh hell… check this out:

Now most of these breweries are new. I haven’t tried many as I usually just drink my own and with a 15 month old I haven’t been out much in past 2 years. So, I can’t vouch for them.

Thanks, Josh. She is driving. Rockmill sounds interesting - I like Belgians a lot.



I live in Columbus. I am trying to think of a few that would be available at a Krogers etc versus having to go out of the way to get.

One I like a lot is the Elevator Brewing Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale. I think there Dark Force might be one you like as well.!flagship-beers/cqnr

I also really (really) like the Columbus Brewing Co. Pale Ale but you noted about you don’t seem to like those types as much

Jackie O’s is also pretty good. Actually from Athens OH versus Columbus but still can be found in Columbus

Thanks FHB. I think I am getting some from both Elevator and Columbus brewing. You guys have a ton to choose from. I’m pretty jealous. Maybe one day us southerners will catch up at least a little bit. Actually, lots of good beer in Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville, etc. Just doesn’t seem as plentiful as up north.

Merry Christmas and cheers!


Probably too late for your haul, but I definitely second Rockmill. They produce some really fine Belgian style beers. I spend a couple weeks in Lancaster, OH (right next door, so to speak) every summer; the trip is not complete without at least one or two stops at the gorgeous farmhouse brewery & taproom.

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