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Has anyone ordered one of these? If so, any feedback?

After waiting a while, I finally got an e-mail invitation to order one, but $250 is too steep for me. I can think of better ways to spend that kind of dough. It’s definitely cool, but I can’t see how it would help me improve my beer.

That is pretty cool. I don’t think I would spend the money though.

Looks like the bluetooth model was only $120 as a kickstarter. Not sure they would be much more expensive at retail would they? I’ve never done a kickstarter before so not sure if they jack the price up when they go to retail.

Yeah, the price is a little higher than I’d hoped for. Also, although the idea sounds great for beers fermented outside a refrigerator, most of mine are fermented inside. Radio frequency transmission inside a grounded steel box = no reception at my computer.

Maybe version 2.0 can have a remote antenna. Opps! That’ll push the price up.

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