BeerBrite System

Has anyone used this and is it worth it?

On a homebrew level it seems pointless to me. Just my opinion. Also a number of craft breweries are skipping the filtration step as well on some of their beers. It’s nothing a week or two in the fridge can’t take care of. Of course I bottle so this wouldn’t be an option for me anyway but if I did keg, this just seems like an added unnecessary expense.

I agree with Matt on this one. Focus on good process and use something like irish moss or whirlfloc in the boil and you should get a pretty clear product after a week or so in the keg.

You can also add knox gelatin to the keg. I use it occasionally and it works well to clarify.

I have used it a coupe of times when I was in a hurry to get the beer ready for a party. Worked just fine for me.

I have a system similar to the brewbrite system that I put together years ago. I mostly use it for lagers after I have lagered them away. They work well and provide crystal clear beer.

Sort of funny with this. I had decided after this thread that I was not in the market for the system and so I forgot about it. But apparently, at some point I had added this to my Amazon wish list and never took it off. A friend got it for me for Christmas this year. Guess I will have to try it out.

All good points here…but it should also be added that just because you can start consuming a beer after a week in the keg doesn’t mean you necessarily should.
For most beers (yes, even some IPAs) extended time is most definitely not the enemy. One of the reasons I’ve by and large stopped purchasing 'craft; beer is because much of it is inadequately aged (especially hen it comes to big, hi-tst brews).
Homebrewers (and nowadays, even commercial brewers) always seem to be in such a hurry…but to each his own, I suppose…

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