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Beer with out a head

The last batch of “Just Plain Beer” using dry malt seemed a bit flat. I about a 1/3 of a cup of priming sugar, stir it and put it in sterilized bottles. The last bottles seemed to have a little more head. I would like to know how other people mix in the priming sugar? I keep the bottles at about 70 degrees for about 2 weeks before moving them to the basement. I also wonder if the co2 can escape if the cap is not all the way down and not blow off?

When I bottle I keep them at 70 ish for a few weeks. Yes, you gotta make sure the cap is on tight. Try turning them after capping. Since the last ones are getting fizzy you need to think about how long they’ve been sitting and wait that long to open the first. Sounds like all you need is a little patience like the rest of us! :sunglasses:

You can also use this priming sugar calculator to be sure you’re using the right amount for your beer.

When you say that you stir in your priming sugar, I assume that it has been boiled in water and cooled.

You can put your cooled priming sugar mixture into your bottling bucket and rack the beer into that, with the hose coiled in the bottom to not splash when racking into the bottling bucket. That usually mixes in just fine, but some give it a gentle stir with a sanitized spoon every few bottles.


This is for what volume of beer. I used roughly twice that for 5 gallons

First, don’t measure by volume, weigh the priming sugar.
Second, Corn sugar and table sugar both work, but require slightly different amounts, so make sure you calculate for the type you’re using. Table sugar is harder to get to dissolve, but it will dissolve. It is also more convenient to buy.

As for how i did it…

  • Weigh the correct amount of sugar into a measuring cup.
  • Boil water in a tea kettle.
  • Add boiling water to the sugar, stirring constantly, until you have about a cup.
  • Really. Make sure it’s all dissolved.
  • Dump the hot sugar water into the bottling bucket.
  • Rack the beer into the bucket
  • Gently stir as you rack. You want to mix the sugar, you do NOT want to airate the beer.

Once you have the beer in the bottles, my VERY unscientific formula:
90 - Room temp where the bottles are sitting = Number of days needed to fully carbonate.

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when I bottle, I use the calculator for prim or brown sugar. I figure out per gal and divide 12 oz and put in each bottle. I scale out each bottle of sugar before beer. I do weigh out sugar in a different container. I am getting ready to bottle. I also dip bottles in boiling water or at lease 190 for sanitation. Yes a lot of work ,but the confidence.

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